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  1. A TIME TO PLAN - The death of a loved one, regardless of the circumstances, is a time of significant loss and grief. Because it is difficult to plan appropriately when under the emotional stress of loss, you are encouraged to consider, discuss and even plan in advance the arrangements that will be necessary at the time of your own death or the death of a loved one.
  2. BECAUSE WE BELIEVE - Because Christians believe in the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting, death is understood to be a natural part of this life. It is the occasion when those who die in the Lord move from this world where all die, to the realm of life eternal lived with the Lord, where death, loss, mourning, crying and pain no longer exist. (Rev. 21:4) Christians also experience death as a time of loss when sorrow, grief and bereavement are both natural and appropriate. These two convictions guide the church in its ministry to those who have lost a loved one to death, affirming with both joy and tears the promise and hope of the gospel.
  3. GRIEVING IN A COMMUNITY OF HOPE - Christians do not bear bereavement in isolation, but are sustained by the power of God’s Spirit and are to be surrounded by the support, consolation and care of the faith community. The Ministry Team at Helensburgh Parish Church have been trained to minister to and provide support and assistance to those who have lost someone to death. They welcome the privilege of ministering to you on such occasions, and stand ready to assist you in such times of need. When death occurs, a member of the team should be informed as soon as possible in order that they might provide appropriate consolation and support to you, your family and friends, and assist in making arrangements for a service that commemorates and gives thanks for the life of the one who has died. These plans should provide for arrangements that are simple, bear witness to resurrection hope, are centred in the witness of Christian scripture as it is read and sung, and include the larger Christian community in prayer and support.


Please use this form to inform us of a death in your district or to arrange a meeting with the Minister to discuss funeral plans.

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