"In baptism, God claims us as one of Christ’s disciples, welcomes us into the church family and initiates our new life in Christ."

Thank you for your interest in baptism at Helensburgh Parish Church. Below you will find some information about what Baptism is, what you can expect from a Baptism service and how to go about booking a service with us. 

All about Baptism.

Baptism is one of the two Sacraments celebrated by the Presbyterian Church (Communion is the other). Baptism is the sacrament of initiation into the Christian life. The washing with water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the sign and seal of a person's inclusion in the covenant of God's people and union with the risen Christ. Thus, baptism is a response to what God is already doing in that person's life. This highlights the fundamental Presbyterian conviction that God always takes the initiative in redeeming us and that we are saved by God's grace through faith. Neither the act of baptism, nor the decision to be baptised, confers salvation; both of these are responses to God's grace already given and at work in one's life.

In baptism, God claims us as one of Christ’s disciples, welcomes us into the church family and initiates our new life in Christ. Baptism is one step of the life-long journey of discipleship, rather than a one-time ritual. We welcome your inquiry, and hope that when you meet with a Minster to discuss the service, you will understand the significance of the sacrament of baptism, and feel free to discuss any matters in connection with the service.

The Church of Scotland baptises both children and adults as appropriate, although anyone who has been baptised in infancy or childhood will not be offered a subsequent adult baptism. Except in very special circumstances, baptisms are held as part of one of the services of worship at the church.

There is no 'correct' age for baptism—much depends on the circumstances in each case. The baptism of a child or infant is intended to signify God's love of the child, and express the parents' undertaking that the child will have a Christian upbringing which will normally lead to membership of the church when the child reaches the age at which this is appropriate to his/her Christian development. The baptism of an adult is normally associated with commitment to the Christian faith and is usually part of the process of becoming a member of the church, and of taking one's place in the life of the church.

Many adults will find the opportunity for baptism arising—if they were not baptised earlier—during church membership meetings as the person prepares to take the vows of church membership. It may also take place at other times as appropriate, but baptism should never be thought of as outside the context of membership of Christ's church.

If you wish for your child or yourself to be baptised, a meeting with the minister is required to talk through what you can expect and prepare you for baptism. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have and get to know the church and the minister a little better (and for us to get to know you!). We recommend you come along to a Sunday morning service to experience our church and worship style.

To set up a meeting or if you have any questions please contact our Church and Halls Co-ordinator Julia. 



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